Capture and share your memories through photos and videos that can be viewed for 24 hours.

Voice and Video Calls Up To 15 People in HD Quality

You can make undisrupted HD quality voice and video calls with BiP to meet with your loved ones or have an important meeting.

Group Import

You can export your groups grom the other application and move them to BiP, and continue your chat securely from where you left.

Mark as Unread

Use BiP’s ‘Mark as Unread’ feature to return to the chat and reply back later.

Archiving Chat

Make your chats more organized in BiP! You can hide your individual and group chats with the “archive chat” feature. ​


Use “Customization” feature in the “More” menu to add the features you use frequently to the BiP main screen.​

Groups up to 1.000 particiapants

You can also use BiP’s unique messaging features in crowded groups where you can set up up to 1000 people.