Corporate Communication Platform

Turkey’s communication application BiP was developed by Turkish engineers; the infrastructure it provides enables the development of a Custom Communication Application for your Institution; it enables secure internal communication and information sharing.

Secure Communication Platform Developed with the Help of Local Technologies

  • Save money and time by having an application developed specifically for your institution using the BiP infrastructure.
  • Prevent the spread of your internal information and documents to unsafe channels by keeping the communication data on the application in your own data centers, securely and encrypted.
  • Use domestic technologies to ensure that your communication data remains in Turkey.
  • Determine the capabilities of your application yourself. (For example, Instant Messaging, Safe Search, and Keşfet Service Structure)
  • Easily accessible via mobile and web, with multi-platform support (iOS, Android, Web), digitize your internal communication.
  • Use the Keşfet service structure to perform in-house communications instantly through your application.
    • Use API integrations to easily integrate your corporate services into your application and digitize your business. (ERP, Instant System Alerts, and so on.)
    • Securely communicate within the company by using closed communication groups that only authorized individuals can access.
    • Use Chatbot-based services to provide instant and fast communication; easily and comfortably share in-house surveys, information, and documents through your application.

In contact with a closed circuit or with all BiP members

You can use it for closed-circuit communication within the institution if you want; you can also use it to communicate with other BiP members if you want.

Institution-Specific Application

Create your own application with a corporate identity-appropriate brand, logo, and color palette.

Structure of Institution-Specific Keşfet Service

Increase internal communication security (closed group communication), easily and comfortably share surveys, information, and documents with chatbot-based services.