View Security Measures of BiP Application

BiP is Safe, No one can Access your Data

BiP uses the TLS encryption method, which is compliant with international standards, to securely transport messages between transmitted devices and servers. Any third party cannot access and read your messages.

BiP does not store your messages. Messages sent are encrypted and deleted as soon as they reach their destination. If the user requests that their messages be backed up, then the backed-up messages are stored encrypted in the data centers in Turkey. Simply delete the BiP account to remove all BiP-related data.

BiP Protects your Privacy, does not Share your Data

In BiP, no unauthorized data is received, processed, or shared.

BiP only collects and processes data from users with their permission in order to provide services to them. For example, it asks for permission to message contacts, access to the gallery to share photos and videos, and permission to use the microphone to make calls. Users can continue to use BiP without having to share their personal information with third parties for marketing purposes like advertisements, promotions, or offers.

BiP is transparent, does not discriminate, and does not impose

BiP can be used by anyone. Obtaining permission is not subject to any restrictions or discrimination.

It safeguards users’ data through a transparent, clear user agreement and privacy policy.

BiP Retains all data in Turkey; no Data is Transferred Abroad

All of BiP’s data is located in Turkey.

Your data is kept encrypted in data centers certified to international standards in Turkey, and no data is transferred outside of the country.

Lock your BiP

Enable Touch ID, Face ID, or Android fingerprint lock to secure your BiP.

Read receipts

Choose whether contacts can see if you’ve read their messages.

Last seen

Choose if only your contacts, everyone, or nobody can see when you last opened BiP.

Speak Freely

BiP Calling lets you speak privately to your friends and family, even if they’re in another country.

Messages that Stay with You

End-to-end encrypted messages are stored on your device and not BiP servers after they are delivered.

See for Yourself

BiP lets you check whether the calls you make and messages you send are end-to-end encrypted.