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HD Quality Group Calls up to 15 Participants with BiP!

Another innovation from BiP! Stay connected with your friend and family with HD group video and voice calls!

Group Import Banner

It's time to move your groups and chat history to BiP!

You can export your groups from the other application and move them to BiP, and continue your chat securely from where you left off. Moreover, BiP automatically creates the groups you move with its participants. It easily imports messages, photos, videos and documents for you.

Fast and Secure Messaging

BiP is the number 1 choice of millions of users all over the world regardless of their operators. BiP offers fast and secure messaging.

Secure, Encrypted, Transparent Communication

Your messages and calls are encrypted, nobody can access them. None of your data will be processed or shared.
BiP does not impose and discriminate on its users to obtain permission!

Why would I switch in to BiP?

Secure, Encrypted, Transparent

Your data is encrypted and not shared with anyone. BiP does not impose and discriminate on its users to obtain permission.

HD Quality Calls

With BiP, you can make audio and video group calls with up to 15 people

Disappearing Messages

With BiP, you can ensure that your messages are in a pre-set time.

Instant Translation and Messaging in 100+ Languages

You can also remove language barriers with BiP. Write in your language, BiP will translate it to the desired language.

HD Photos and Video Sharing

With BiP, you can share HD photos and any video you want without losing resolution.

Night Mode at BiP

While saving battery with BiP Night Mode, You can use BiP in any color you want while saving battery with Night Mode

Uninterrupted Communication with BiP Web

With BiP Web, your communication will not be interrupted even if your battery is dead, you can continue both messaging and voice and video calls.


With hundreds of services and channels, you can easily take care of your work, have fun, and earn gifts.

Money Transfer

You can send money from BiP without an IBAN or account number just like sending a message.

Fun Stickers

The most beautiful stickers that will add color to your messages.

Group Imports

Move your groups and chats from the other application to BiP, and continue your communication with confidence.


Add the features you use the most to the main menu and experience a customized BiP experience!


You can create your channel and reach large audiences in BiP.