Secure and Seamless Video Conferencing with BiP Meet

Connect and collaborate with BiP Meet.

Flawless messaging experience

BiP is the number 1 choice of millions of users all over the world regardless of their operators. BiP offers fast and secure messaging.

Don’t miss any important moments!

You can make free, easy, high HD quality voice and video calls with BiP on your mobile or over the desktop. Moreover, you can make group video calls with up to 10 people simultaneously.

You are never alone with BiP Emergency Button

BiP Emergency Button provides you to send your current status and your location as a BiP message and SMS (text) for free.

Why would I switch in to BiP?

HD Video Calls with up to 10 People

You can make high quality group video calls with up to 10 people.

Disappearing Messages

You can have your messages deleted within a pre-set period of time after reading.

Instant Translation and Messaging in 100+ Languages

Write in your own language…BiP will translate it to the language you wish.

Emergency Button

In case of emergency, you can send your current status and location to your loved ones with BiP Emergency Button and communicate with them without interruption.

Sending HD Photos and Long Videos

With BiP, you can send your photos and videos without any loss of resolution.

Night Mode at BiP

With BiP Night Mode, you can rest your eyes while saving your battery life.

Socialize with BiP

You can open your own channel and make your voice get to thousands of people and find the opportunity to become a phenomenon. You can also chat and socialize in groups.

Voice and Video Calls via Internet

In BiP, you can make voice and video calls, just like in the mobile application, and continue to communicate even if the phone is discharged.


With more than 250 services and channels, you can easily make your daily stuff done, have fun and even earn gifts.

Money transfer

You can transfer money safely and quickly as if you send a message via BiP. (only for Turkey)

Press and Talk

The feature that allows you to send your instant voice very quickly with a push button.

Local Stickers

The most up-to-date stickers that you will enjoy are only in BiP